Our agency

The Valadié agency was created by Roger Valadié in 1960 . A pioneer in real estate in Villeréal and in Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne , he was an emblematic figure of the village as owner and operator of the “Café Moderne” as well as for his passion within Rugby Villeréalais and his involvement in the equestrian society of Villeréal. After having cultivated and developed the real estate market for 20 years as a professional in this sector, his daughter Françoise Valadié decided to join with her husband to work in real estate in southern Périgord.

Firstly graduated from the law university of Limoges and having a very good knowledge of real estate, Françoise moved to Marseille where she met her husband Christian Chéroux at the end of the 1970s and together established their first real estate agency. After spending some time there, they decided a few years later to move closer to the southwest to continue practicing their profession. Françoise Valadié and Christian Chéroux moved to Toulouse in the early 1980s, the city in which they founded their second real estate transaction agency, "Tilt Immobilier".

It was finally during the 1980s that Françoise and Christian made the decision to leave the Pink City for good to join the village of Villeréal, a 12th century royal bastide located on the edge of du Périgord, to take over together the family business founded by Roger Valadié in 1960: L'agence Immobilière Valadié.

The Immobilière Valadié agency was taken over by Françoise Valadié and her husband Christian Chéroux in 1980. Over 35 years, they developed a vast network with a lot of fieldwork radiating to the four corners of the department. Then they expanded the original store by opening additional offices in the villages of Castillonnès, Issigeac, Eymet, Villeneuve sur Lot and Sarlat.

In 2015 the Valadié Immobilier group was bought by Maxime Chéroux-Valadié . Graduated from a business school, and after having worked in real estate in the UNITED STATES , the latter takes control of the company and undertakes a global overhaul of tools of work and communication. The goal is to make it easier to process administrative tasks in order to allow teams to have better productivity and more working comfort. The purpose is simple, to always provide complete and up-to-date real estate information for all clients and to maintain a level of service at its highest quality. Long and difficult work which after years allows the company to have scalability and an internal research and development service allowing it to innovate and expand into new geographic sectors. The company invests heavily in the training of its teams in order to maintain a level of competence and quality up to date of the laws relating to real estate, town planning , family law. Communication is also a major area of ​​concern in which the bias is to invest in digital technologies to optimize the site's natural referencing. Investment which is now bearing fruit with nearly 12k visits per month to the Valadié agency website.

The company is now located in Périgord, Dordogne (Périgord), Lot, Lot et Garonne, and Tarn et Garonne.

Valadié immobilier currently has 8 real estate agencies whose historic head office is located in Villeréal and whose 7 branches are located in Castillonnès, Eymet, Issigeac, Sarlat, Villeneuve sur Lot, Bordeaux and at Bergerac Airport . We also have independent sales representatives in many sectors.